The research is clear: the ideal pillow shape and size is determined by the shape of your body. Our proprietary (patent-pending, application No. 3,018,898) technology calculates the optimal form of a pillow, designed to suit your body and provide you with a healthier, more comfortable sleep.

Memory Foam

Our eco-friendly, luxury viscoelastic memory foam is made in Canada. It combines the softness and resilience of high-density foam with a 100% gel infusion, which is used to help you maintain an optimal body temperature while asleep.

The foam quickly responds to your unique head shape and temperature, and conforms to every curve for better support and even weight distribution.



When it comes to our customized pillowcases, we use Canadian-made YKK zippers and luxury cotton materials from Toronto-based Fine cotton factory — a company that specializes in producing premium textiles for the sleep industry. Each pillowcase is individually cut to match the unique shape of your pillow.

Make it yours by having your name embroidered (for free) on the outside of your pillow! Get started »



You should not have to choose between ‘therapeutic’ and ‘comfortable’. With a pillow, you get the best of both worlds.

Enjoy unmatched comfort while your body gains the advantage of an orthopedic pillow. Ergonomic design provides you with different zones to accommodate both back and side sleeping. Cooling memory foam gives gentle support to your head and cervical spine. Fine cotton delivers a soft and pleasant feel for your head.



Your pillow is manufactured in Toronto, following the strictest quality standards. In order to achieve maximum precision, we use high-accuracy machines, robotic equipment, and state-of-the-art software. pillows are made from only the finest Canadian materials.