Take tape measurements

3D Scan yourself

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XBOX Kinect sensor with a USB adapter, PC with a Windows 8.1 or higher

3D Scan app

XYZprinting 3d Scanner

XYZscan-handy app (Windows, Mac)

Occipital Structure Sensor, Apple iPad

Occipital Scanner mobile app

3D Systems Sense Scanner

Sense software (Windows, Mac)

Artec 3D scanner

Artec Studio (Windows) or ScanApp (Mac)

Sorry! Mobile 3D scanning apps, unless complemented by the specific hardware, should not be used for this application. These apps do not provide real-life dimensions. Mobile apps use a camera and photogrammetry technology which is enough to build a model, but they do not provide us with relevant dimensions to make a pillow.
Not all 3D scanners can be used to complete an accurate reading. Curious whether your scanner will work? Drop us a line and we’ll let you know if you’ve got the right equipment.

Complete a scan and drag your . 3mf obj obj obj obj model file here

Uploaded Image
Before you begin your 3D scan, please ensure that:
  • You are not wearing any clothing that covers your head, neck or shoulders and which affects your geometry. A t-shirt is fine; however, a sweater/jacket/coat/scarf/head covering/hat is not.
  • Long hair/beards are tied back and do not affect your body shape or neck profile
  • If you are sitting on a chair, the backrest is lower than your shoulders
  • You are not behind a wall
  • You have an arms-width of space all around you
When you are ready, hold perfectly still while a friend moves around you with the scanner.